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Small hinges swing BIG doors.


Do you think your organization might have some small hinges that can swing big doors?

I remember exactly when I first heard this phrase - small hinges swing BIG doors. I was involved in digital marketing training and the teacher said it several times. And for some reason it stuck with me.

At the time, I did a Google search in the context of marketing agencies wanting to attract new small business clients. Here is a bit of what I found (paraphrased).

We always aim to first increase revenue without increasing a prospective client’s expenses. How do we do this? We look for, “big doors that swing on small hinges.”

One quick way to do this, and uncover multiple revenue opportunities, is to make small changes with these three data points.

  • Increase revenue with more new customer sales.

You can increase traffic to your website and/or increase your conversion rate. A small change in conversions from 2.0% to 2.5% will dramatically grow revenues, without much extra effort.

  • Increase your average sale per customer.

You can upsell or bundle products to these new customers. A small price increase means more revenue. Or get the same revenue from less customers (reduced expenses). Ever been asked, “Do you want fries with that hamburger?” (bundle). “Would you like to super-size that?” (upsell).

  • Increase the frequency of customer purchases.

You can offer discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, partner products, etc. to get customers to buy your products more frequently. You gain increased revenues and lifetime customer value plus improved retention, by offering more value more often.


As my applied knowledge grew, I came to better understand that this simple phrase really points to the 80/20 principle and the power of leverage.

If you “know your numbers” at key touchpoints within your enterprise systems and processes, you will be able to find small hinges that swing BIG doors (small changes that can produce BIG results).

Check out these thoughts…


Maximize Impact - Focus and yield major results.

You can stop juggling a dozen different tasks and not getting the results you hoped for. Cut through the noise and focus your efforts on the small hinges that swing big doors.

Stop spreading yourself and your team too thin. Stop trying to do everything at once. Instead, identify the few vital tasks that really matter. You will unlock transformative wins with less effort and resources.


Unleash Efficiency - Streamline processes with minimal inputs.

Your time and resources are precious. That's why finding ways to streamline your processes is essential for staying competitive and making the most of what you have.

Look for those small hinges to tweak and optimize. Automating repetitive tasks. Simplify your decision-making process. You can unleash a whole new level of productivity and organizational effectiveness. Do more with less!


Precision Matters - Identify key levers for high-impact.

Not all actions are created equal. Some have the potential to drive massive results, while others will only make a tiny dent in your goals (and burden your resources).

Embrace the small hinges principle and you can become a master at pinpointing these high-impact, low effort activities.

Optimize your website and marketing strategy. Fine-tune your product offerings. Listen to, invite feedback, and strengthen your relationships. Catapult your organization to new heights.


Amplify ROI - Allocate resources where they make the most difference.

Do you want to make sure that every dollar you invest yields maximum returns? But with limited resources, it can be challenging to know where to allocate your funds for the best results.

This is where small hinges swing BIG doors principle comes in. Be data-driven and carefully analyze your options. You will identify the best changes to make to achieve impact and the highest potential ROI.

Upgrade your technology infrastructure. Invest in employee training and development. Launch a targeted sales or fundraising campaign. You will magnify returns and propel your organization forward.


Leverage Strategically - Go all in on small changes for monumental gains.

This may sound counterintuitive. Most people think it takes BIG moves to get BIG rewards.

The small hinges principle teaches us that even the tiniest adjustments create a ripple effect which leads to significant growth. Add in compounding, and you have a tidal wave.

Tweak your pricing strategy. Refine your customer service approach. Offer a down-sell product. Be strategically holistic and use leverage to set off your chain reaction of positive outcomes.


Act with Simplicity - Achieve more with less through targeted efforts.

There are a lot of moving parts in running a business or a nonprofit. Endless tasks to juggle. Decisions to make. Fires to put out. Acting with simplicity (and clarity) can help you achieve more with less.

You must strip away complexities. Track, measure, and optimize. Be data-driven and customer-centric. Focus on the essentials. 80/20 everything!

Don’t try to do it all! Identify a handful of tasks that deliver the most bang for your buck. Embrace simplicity in action. Streamline operations. Reduce overwhelm. Achieve more results with far less effort.


Master Priorities - Harness the power of small adjustments for BIG wins.

You are constantly faced with competing priorities vying for your attention and your limited resources. Where should we focus our efforts and resources? Master priorities to drive meaningful progress.

The small hinges principle teaches us to prioritize ruthlessly and focus on activities that yield the biggest wins. Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae or try to do all things. Outsource.

Identify a few “needle-moving” initiatives. Harness the power of small adjustments. Stay laser-focused and “swing BIG doors.”