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About us

Uncovering opportunities. Delivering revenues.

Together we pursue 80/20 strategy-first opportunities - programs, products, markets, customers (donors), partners - to create long-term value for your organization and its stakeholders.

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My story

Hi, I’m Don, an Alchemist. I am passionate about purpose and helping other purpose-driven people

With shirt sleeves rolled-up, we discover 80/20 everywhere and put you in a position to do what you do best, and to do more with less.

We help you leverage relationships and resources for BIG results

My superpower: "I see what others don’t see. I envision opportunities. I connect the dots. I help you execute for impact."

I know finding and trusting someone can be a challenge. A mentor who listens and co-creates with you. An advisor who adds strategic value, designs comprehensive plans, and works through an organizational development lens.

Or a project manager who executes for top-line and bottom-line results.

Let's connect.

Our North Star

We believe in trusted, resourceful relationships, and extended "learning" enterprise.

We believe in being principle-based, data driven, holistically strategic, and customer centric.

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Our history

I am a management consultant and organizational development mentor with experience across all three economic sectors and many different industries.

I have broad expertise in revenue generation and fundraising, sales, business development, marketing and communications, project management, sales distribution channels, and copywriting.

I bring together mutually beneficial upstream and downstream relationships. This can include BIG brands, local businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, associations, nonprofits, consulting firms, etc. 

As a client, you get a senior level specialist at a fraction of the cost. And you can tap into my network of strategic relationships and subject-matter experts

You can check out my LinkedIn Profile here.

Your team

One for all, all for one!

Don Stephenson

Don Stephenson

Chief Alchemist

A Marketing DNA profile says I am a Systematic Creator/Producer. Someone who "turns lead into gold."

If you know what you want to achieve, but the path is not known, I can help. I will orchestrate, recombine, generate, create, invent, and innovate for your success.

I am also a Chameleon (a flexible, diplomatic team player); an Inventor/Wordsmith (a heart-directed copywriter); and an Inventor/Soulmate (psychic content writer).  

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Quarterbacked Relations

Doing well by doing good, together!

How does this sound? You get to focus on your core capabilities and your mission, and our team of skilled specialists become your resources and fill in any gaps.

In addition, Extended Impact can work and manage, if necessary, your current strategic, outsourced, tech stack, and customer relationships, saving you time, effort, and money. 



Communications Director

The official deliverer of unconditional love and smooches! We love our Weeg!

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Human Relations Director

Our deliverer of unconditional love with lots of spooning! Rascie is a very special dog!

Priates in St. Martin

Maryanne Stephenson


Maryanne is the love of my life. My wife personifies love and kindness. She sees in me what I often don't. She builds me up. She cares. And she goes above and beyond, especially when I need her most.

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Dave Stephenson


Seldom a day goes by that I don't think about my late brother Dave. He passed away too soon on February 27, 2019. He lost a 3-year battle with leukemia (AML). Dave and I are identical twins. We did everything together - we were inseparable. We were one! We were best friends. Dave is with me always.

Our culture

Partnerships are built on dialogue. Dialogue is fueled by deep curiosity, genuine concern, and purposeful intent. You don't get to honest dialogue until you can prove you have trusted relationship and partnership potential (value). You don't get to honest dialogue until you are willing to listen, collaborate, compromise, give, and co-create.

Company news

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