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Is Extended Impact right for you?

Before we begin our journey to explore impactful principles, let’s first take a short off-ramp.

Extended Impact Management Group LLC’s focuses on the North Star that is all about “trusted, resourceful relationships and partnerships, or an extended enterprise.

Take a look at this image to get a feel for the framework we follow. Imagine your organization is positioned at the center. You and your team members get to focus and use your core competencies to carry out your mission.

Extended enterprise concentric circles

Around you and serving as needed, is a network of alliances and partners. Four key partner type categories are strategic, customer, outsourced, and virtual integration.

Each entity within a partner type category has their own network of internal and external relationships and distinct resources that are available to you. "One-to-many" business development!

To help you further, go ahead and answer the questions below to yourself.

If you answer YES, then the services offered by Extended Impact may be right for you to solve your problems. If no, then we probably would not be a good fit. 

Here goes…

Do you believe in principles?

Do you view strategic advisory as an investment and NOT an expense?

Do you believe in outsourcing and partnerships?

Are you okay working with remote relationships?

Hopefully, you feel some comfort and connection, at least to a degree. If this is the case, please keep reading our blog posts. They are written for your benefit.

With each blog post, we will dive deeper into guiding principles and their component parts to learn and uncover how you can apply for leverage.

Why not take the first step now? In less than 1 – 2 minutes, complete a short survey to gain valuable insights and find out how “revenue ready” your organization is.

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